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Welcome to IBODY!

Here at IBODY we treat the whole.  From your energetic body with Reiki and other energy techniques; to your senses using our d oTERRA Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils; and your physical body using therapeutic massage and stretching.  

You are guaranteed to leave feeling less stressed, grounded, relaxed, and able to better face your day, week, or month! 

The Washington Street Mill is located just past the Childrens Museum and Fury's Restaurant.  Continue straight ahead for metered street parking or you may pull into the lot and see if there are any free visitor spots available at the far end closest to the river.

**NOTE:  Building management will have your car towed if you park in a reserved spot.    

 One Washington Center
East Suites #3230
 Dover, NH 03820
Telephone:   (603)730-7847

When entering through the main entrance (center door) take the elevator to the third floor.  Take a left off the elevator and go all the way to the end of the hall (passing the cake shop and Stages Restaurant).  At the end of the hall take another left and go through the doorway ahead and the door to the waiting area is immediately to the right.  Please fill out paperwork and we will be with you momentarily. 

For any other comments, questions, or concerns please feel free to contact us.
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